Hot Yoga

Yoga Etiquette


  • Number One Rule: Have Fun!!!

  • Please remove your shoes before entering the hot room.

  • Come on time as an exception. Come early as a rule to sign in at the desk. Enter the practice room quietly. If you are late, set your mat, towel, and water at your feet and start your practice immediately.

  • We often do not have a front desk person during class, so for security reasons we lock the door when class begins. There is no late admittance.

  • No personal possessions in the practice room. Please leave all possessions in the locked part of the lobby or in your car.

  • Deodorant is great; strong perfumes and lotions are not.

  • Be mindful your neighbor's space and visibility in the mirror.

  • Tailor your practice by modifying the depth, not by avoiding postures or changing them. As Bikram says, "Try it the right way." Form and placement with deep breathing always trumps depth.

  • Leave your space as you found it.

  • Observe silence while class is in session, whether practicing or not.

  • Please turn off your cell phone. The less distractions the better.

  • Change negative language into positive language. For example: "I can't" - "I'll try, If I can I must." Can't lives on Won't Street. Let's not live there.

  • Wear a happy smiling face while you are practicing the yoga postures. If you are grimacing, back off and smile more. Practice with integrity, concentration, discipline, and an "I can" attitude.

  • Please do not wear pants or shorts that fall below the knees. This enables the instructor and you to see your knees and help you in and out of postures and to make sure your are doing the posture correctly.

  • And lastly, this practice is not about the heat, the humidity, the teacher, or the lights. It is about you. Any day you have time to do your yoga, take advantage of it. You are worth it! Letting external influences dictate your practice is exactly what we are trying to let go of.
  • Be good to yourself. Practice Bikram Yoga Daily!
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