Hot Yoga

Bikram Series Postures

Camel Pose - Ustrasana



  • Compresses spine, relieving back problems

  • Slims abdomen and waist, helps prevent stomach cramps, stretches quads, strengthens hips and buttocks

  • Opens rib cage, lungs and digestive system

  • Stimulates nervous system

  • Great for lungs and many bronchial problems

  • Strengthens back and shoulder muscles

  • Improves flexion of neck

  • Stretches the throat, parathyroid, and thyroid (helps osteoporosis) and thymus improving the immune system

  • Flushes fresh blood through kidneys

  • Helps eliminate toxins

  • Helps constipation, flatulence and fermentive dyspepsia

  • Brings blood to the brain, helping memory and mental clarity

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